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The simplest GRC tool

Powerful Features

Control Management
Asset Registry
Policy Management
Integrated Risk management
Single Sign-On
Unlimited Users

Any regulation you need

ISO 27001

One platform with fixed price for unlimited number of regulations and users, so you can involve entire organization.

Kordon app controls dashboard
Avoid duplicated effort

Avoid duplicated effort

Connect your day-to-day tasks with multiple requirements to get compliant faster

Be instantly ready for audit

Be instantly ready for audit

In one click pull the tasks and statuses with evidence in the format your auditor will love

Unlock collaboration

Unlock collaboration

Use platform to manage tasks for any number of stakeholders

Kordon - easy to use GRC app

Ridiculously easy to use

You’ll be up and running with your GRC program faster than with any other tool. Use our SOC 2 or ISO 27001 framework or import your own, assign tasks to the right stakeholders, and Kordon will make sure you follow through.

Focus on activities

Completing an audit can be a distant and daunting goal. Kordon helps you focus on the day-to-day actions that will set you up to pass with ease. Kordon always knows what exactly needs to be done next to keep you audit-ready and compliant at all times.

Kordon - easy to use GRC app

Spend zero time on collecting evidence

As your taskmaster, Kordon will collect evidence on the go and connect it to your controls and requirements. You can then bring auditors to your source of truth in Kordon instead of wasting valuable time playing fetch for the audit.

You keep the keys

Your compliance information is highly sensitive, and sharing it with a vendor would inevitably carry a risk. That is why Kordon can be deployed in a private cloud, keeping your information in your hands.